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Songbirds of Zealandia

Songbirds of Zealandia is a series of books set in a future New Zealand, where synthetic intelligences called Minders work in partnership with the remnants of Homo sapiens, and genetic modification of humans is illegal.


In part one, Eli is a young musician in a featherpunk band whose family curse means he'll most likely be dead soon. All he wants is to go out in a blaze of glory -- to do that he needs the twin-voiceboxes of a songbird. 

The security forces are stretched too thin to enforce minor problems such as a cult of gene-modified bird people. Now that most of the planet has reverted to barbarism the Minders main purpose is conservation of humanity.


Eli's trying to stay distant from anyone who might care for him, so as to spare their feelings when the curse strikes. When an old friend joins the cult of the Bird-people he has to bare his soul to win the friends trust -- before they both lose their humanity.

The gene-splicing Witch who is the real power behind the cult has her own plans for Eli -- she needs him alive.

Part cyberpunk, part transhumanist. episode one of Songbirds of Zealandia will be released in 2019.

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